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10 months ago - 6/17/2020

From Tunisian beaches to Croatian seas: Champions League enters summer mode

As we pass mid-June, summer is getting into full swing, and the evidence was there to be seen on EHF Champions League players’ social media activity over the last week.

But while some are starting their holidays, others were excited to do some work this week. That was the case in Russia, where Rostov-Don players had their first on-court shooting session with goalkeepers in two months.


🔥💥💪Бросковые тренировки! В понедельник собрались с нашими вратарями @gagagabisova и @mayssa84pessoa в зале, чтоб почувствовать зал, ворота! Бросать по воротам, когда есть вратарь, конечно другое дело😁💪! Плечо, могу сказать, за 2 месяца отсутствия бросков вообще в шоке😂, наши с @annasen.8 броски можете увидеть у меня в сториз!➡️➡️➡️ (😁конечно не так все плохо) Мы вчера еще и тренажерку отпахали перед бросками 💪💥😉 Ну ничего не поделаешь, нужно через это пройти, тело привыкает к гандбольным движение, так мы еще в зашите не стояли.. Короче готовимся во всю, чтобы быстрее прийти в форму! Лига Чемпионов не за горами! P.S честно думала состояние тела будет хуже, но домашние тренировки помогли! Заряжаю мои дорогие вас всех на позитивную и продуктивную неделю! 💪❤️😁 #владленабобровникова #гандбол #handballbible #handball #balonmano #kezilabda #pilkareczna #håndball #hdbll_league #rostovhandball #ehfcl

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Some members of the PGE VIVE Kielce team who also form part of the Poland squad gathered with their national side this week – complete with the traditional off-court summer handball uniform of socks with flip flops.

Home training is still in force elsewhere. If their workout is anything to go by, Norwegian goalkeeper Katrine Lunde’s kids might grow up to be world-class athletes just like their mother.


Gutta trener i hagen☀️ #trenmeddetduhar #fitnesssentereroppskrytt

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Recently, we have seen a number of All-star Team announcements for different leagues. This past week, Danish clubs celebrated their squads’ All-star Team positions.

After they were the most represented (alongside Györ) among the DELO WOMEN’S EHF Champion League 2019/20 nominations, Team Esbjerg’s great season was rewarded with three places in the Danish league All-star Team.

Other clubs continued reflecting on the 2019/20 season with photo galleries, such as this one from Veszprém sharing a collection of best snaps of Brazilian line player Rogerio Moraes.

Szeged took a further step back and shared some rather older photos of their goalkeeper Roland Mikler.

Meanwhile, FTC wished a Happy Birthday to their upcoming arrival, Alicia Stolle. Stolle will transfer from Thüringer HC to the Hungarian club for the upcoming season alongside another German sharpshooter of the same generation, Emily Bölk.

Speaking of the future, Brest Bretagne Handball are looking ahead to the 2020/21 season with determination.

Before next season however, there are holidays to be enjoyed. After being named in the DELO WOMEN’S EHF Champions League 2019/20 All-star Team, Valcea’s Asma Elghaoui soaked up some sunshine at the seaside in her native Tunisia.



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Elghaoui is not the only one enjoying the salt water in her home country. Szeged back Luka Stepancic spent some time with his son in Croatia.



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Close by Stepancic’s holiday destination in Dubrovnik, DELO WOMEN’S EHF Champions League All-star Team best defender Eduarda Amorim has been exploring Montenegro.

It is clearly not quite as warm, but Nikola Karabatic and his family enjoyed some downtime, nevertheless, visiting Versailles.


Versailles 👨‍👦🌞 #pereetfils #family #versailles #chateaudeversailles

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Another father helped his daughter with an audition for a talent show this week: ehfTV commentator Tom O’Brannagain. Hearing her sing, it is clear Meg inherited those commentator-ready pipes that have guided us through so many of the biggest EHF Champions League moments in the past years.


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