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9 months ago - 12/21/2018

Thea Mørk announces retirement

The career has come to an end for Thea Mørk. At the age of only 27 years, the left wing by Kobenhavn Handball and the Norwegian national team has found it necessary to call it a day.

Too many injuries have forced her to make the tough decision.

“It feels extremely sad right not, but I feel I am at the end. I simply cannot cope anymore,” says Thea Mørk who played a few minutes for Norway at the recent EHF EURO 2018 in France before being injured again.

Norway's national coach Thorir Hergeirsson regrets losing Thea Mørk.

“I have known for a while, but I still feel very sad. She has been haunted by injury most of her junior and senior career, and she never got the chance to actually show what qualities live in her. However, when her body says stop, I can only have huge respect for her decision,” says Hergeirsoon.

First and last season in Copenhagen

Thea Mørk's immediate career stop leaves her club, Kobenhavn Handball with serious problems.

The Danish champions, who have just qualified for the Women's EHF Champions League Main Round, already have one injury on the left wing position, as Swedish newcomer Maria Wall is currently recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

“It is a loss to us to be missing Thea. She is a great player and a fantastic girl, and we obviously wish her all the best in the future,” says head coach Claus Mogensen.

Thea Mørk played nine seasons in the European top flight and after eight seasons with Larvik she joined Kobenhavn last summer. In total, she scored 157 goals in the EHF Champions League.

Her twin sister Nora, right back of Györi Audi ETO KC, is currently trying to come back from yet another serious knee injury.

Author: Peter Bruun / br