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QT1 QT2 GM MR 1/2 F
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VS  Zvezda Zvenigorod
 Hypo Niederösterreich
  25 : 24  
  31 : 29  
56 : 53

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Tears of frustration, tears of joyThe reactions of both sides after an emotional CL final in Wiener Neustadt that ended with Russian celebrations.
Zvezda's key to winning the titleWhich were the decisive moments in this women's finals? Why Zvezda won the title. Read the analysis of Björn Pazen.
”I learned from this season”Interview with Hypo coach, András Németh, after the defeat in the CL Final on Saturday.
"The same joy as the World Championship title"Words of joy and sorrow: comments after the game.
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 AUT Hypo Niederösterreich
 RUS Zvezda Zvenigorod
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